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Why is Religious Conversion so Controversial in India?

The most important question which bothers the author in the book is why religious conversion is so controversial in India. His answer in brief is that it is because of the mismatch between the perception of Hindus and that of Christians. Hinduism accepts all religions as equally valid, with all of them offering the possibility of salvation. Once oneness of god is conceded, there is no separate god for Muslims, Christians and Hindus. If both these propositions are accepted, attempts to convert from one religion to another are taken as signs of aggression and intolerance. This is the Hindu case. The Christian case on the other hand rests on the right to freedom of religion and conscience, which explicitly and inseparably includes the right to convert. The right to convert is part of Christianity itself and if this right is not conceded, it amounts to intolerance. These are irreconcilable positions and the author concludes that the debate will continue without either side yielding to the other.

Why Conversion Controversial in INdia