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18th Indian Political Economy Association Conference

The 18th Annual conference of the Indian Political Economy Association of India was held during 15-16 November at the Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow.


More than 100 papers were presented on the following themes:

(1) State, Market, Industry and Globalization
(2) Rural Society and Agrarian Change
(3) Participatory Democracy and Governance
(4) Gender, Culture and Power
(5) Development, Displacement and Violence
(6) Uttar Pradesh: Society, Economy and Politics


In the inaugural keynote address Prof. T.S. Papola spoke about the Lucknow School of Economics and Sociology, especially the contributions of Prof. Radhakamal Mukherjee and Prof. D.P. Mukherjee. He very clearly showed how these two scholars who made important contributions to the understanding of Indian social structures and value systems, straddled between Economics and Sociology.


Prof. Prabhat Pattnaik, retired professor of Economics at JNU, provided a very insightful lecture on political economy and what exactly it entails. He pointed out that Political Economy does not mean a mix of economics and politics; what it refers to is a specific approach to the study of society. In particular, it tries to understand the system of production, relations between various class and historical context in which all transformations occur.